Metaverse Entertainment World Summit & Award Show

Digital & données

The MEWS is a B2B Metaverse Entertainment & Web 3 Leadership Summit Conference bringing together industry experts, content & tech. International speakers, world premier presentations and panels which takes place May 3-4. Showcasing the best of the best of the Metaverse, Entertainment, Web 3 showcases, NFTs as well as Immersive experiences.The MEWS Awards Jury honours 10 outstanding Metaverse & Web3 talents during a Charity Gala with a “Foodie Extravaganza” dinner by Michelin Starred chef Yannick Alléno.  On May 5, We will commence with a financial breakfast, followed by a dedicated focus on giving back to society through educational initiatives.

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  • Date : 03 05 2023
  • Heure : Toute la journée
  • Format(s) : Hybride
  • Thème(s) : Digital & données, Metaverse
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