Executive Summary

The 2022 PropTech Annual Barometer is the third in-depth analysis of a previously little-understood sector. This year, the barometer provides a better understanding of crucial PropTech sector trends across markets, company categories, and global regions. The barometer is filled with easy-to-understand charts and graphs, descriptive text, and illuminated with quotes from industry innovators, improving access for our readers to the present shape of the international PropTech sector. Across this year’s barometer, we classify the various PropTech companies as an aid to our readers: Building, Investing, Managing, and Living.

The 2022 Barometer begins with an introduction to PropTech, giving readers a fundamental basis for deepening their understanding of this critical sector. Then, we visualize the recent developments in the PropTech sector by examining investment trends, along with trends in mergers and acquisitions, across company categories and regions. Here, we include two special case studies. The first case study focuses on SPACs and IPOs. The second case study focuses on an in-depth analysis of management companies concerning PropTech and the wider Real Estate industry. Next, we examine the global PropTech industry by region – with an emphasis on the United States, Europe, and Asia – before we engage with a comparison between PropTech and competing industries. Finally, we conclude with an evidence-based outlining of future projections for the ever-changing PropTech sector. Here, a third case study examines the vital importance of the Internet of Things (IoT) and PropTech in meeting the expectations of Paris by 2050.

Readers of this year’s PropTech barometer will come away with an improved comprehension of the short and long-term dynamics of the PropTech sector of the Real Estate industry. Indeed, each chapter and section will improve their cognizance of tendencies, shifts, and directions in PropTech. Finally, our closing emphasis on the latest projections in PropTech will provide a firm footing for the coming year.

Jaime Luque

Director, ESCP – Monaco
Real Estate Tech Innovation program